Clinical Utility

【CKD】To diagnose diabetic nephropathy in early stage

(Partially modified figure extracted from Kamijo-Ikemori, A. et al.,
Diabetes Care. 34(3), 2011. )


140 diabetic nephropathy patients were divided into 4 groups based on the degree of albuminuria or renal function.


Urinary L-FABP level of diabetic nephropathy patients is significantly high comparing to healthy person and increases according to the degree of disease progression. These results show that urinary L-FABP is useful for early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy.


[1] Kamijo-Ikemori, A. et al., Clinical significance of urinary liver-type fatty acidbinding protein in diabetic nephropathy of type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetes Care. 34(3), 2011. PubMed

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For nonclinical safety evaluation

Urinary L-FABP kits for Rat, Dog, Cat, Monkey and Pig are available for the purpose of monitoring drug nephrotoxicity and drug effectiveness.
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