Clinical Utility

【AKI】To predict AKI outbreak after cardio-vascular surgery

Comparison between different biomarkers after cardio-vascular surgery

*P<0.05, compared with the non-AKI group at the same timepoint
+P<0.05 compared with the respective preoperative level in the same group
Figure from Matsui, K. et al., Circulation Journal. 76(1), 2012 [1]


The level of serum creatinine, urinary L-FABP, NGAL and NAG before and after surgery of 85 patients who underwent cardiovascular surgery, were deducted. This population was divided according to AKIN criteria into 2 groups with or without AKI development and above parameters were examined.


Urinary L-FABP level just right after surgery and 3 hours after intervention in AKI group, has significantly increased comparing its level before the surgery. Also the comparison of L-FABP level between AKI and non AKI groups shows that its level is significantly high in AKI group. This results shows that urinary L-FABP is able to determine risk of developing AKI in early stage.


[1] Matsui, K. et al., Usefulness of urinary biomarkers in early detection of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery in adults. Circulation Journal. 76(1), 2012. J-STAGE

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