About L-FABP

L-FABP Research Use Kit

#006 High Sensitivity Human L-FABP ELISA Kit

Kit information

96 wells
Intended User:
Lab professional
Store Temperature:
Enzyme-Linked-Immuno-Sorbent Assay of 2-step sandwich method
Human urine
Assay time:
Shelf life:
24 months
Measurable range:
0.3 – 60ng/mL

Kit component

L-FABP Antibody Coated Microplate
96 Well x 1
Pretreatment Microplate
96Well x 1
Pretreatment Solution
12mL x 1
Assay Buffer
12mL x 1
The 2nd Ab-POD Conjugate
12mL x 1
Substrate Solution
12mL x 1
Wash Agent (x 40 concentrate)
50mL x 1
Stop Solution
12mL x 1
Standard Diluent (0ng/mL)
2.5mL x 1
L-FABP Standard (400ng/mL)
0.5mL x 1

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For nonclinical safety evaluation

Urinary L-FABP kits for Rat, Dog, Cat, Monkey and Pig are available for the purpose of monitoring drug nephrotoxicity and drug effectiveness.
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